In this game, students click the spinner to see how far their car will advance. After each spin, they will be asked to categorize expenses. If they get it right, they'll be one step closer to winning. But if they get it wrong, they're sent backwards.

Key Concepts

Budget, Income, Expenses, Fixed Expenses, Variable Expenses


Renting a Place to Live

This lesson uses a Better Money Habits video to help students will learn about the costs associated with renting a place to live.

Grades 9-12

Specialists Light Up Our Lives!

In the book, Peppe the Lamplighter, by Elisa Bartone, Peppe and his family moved to America to pursue the American Dream.  His mother has passed away, his father is ill, and all the children need to find work to help provide for basic essentials. Peppe is excited to find a job, only to be...

Grades K-2, 3-5

Building a Better Budget

This lesson uses the Better Money Habits video How to Set a Budget and Stick to It to reinforce the concepts of budgeting introduced in Lesson 7: Managing Cash in Financial Fitness for Life, Grades 6-8.

Grades 6-8

Budgeting Basics

This lesson uses a Better Money Habits video to reinforce budgeting concepts.

Grades 9-12

Graphing and Interpreting Linear Relationships in the Context of Budgeting

Students explore budget constraints by solving a contextual problem involving the purchase of goods on a fixed income. Adjustments to the quantities of two goods are used to explore the meaning of points on a graph and relationships between quantities and disposable income. Students scale and ...

Grades 9-12